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Special News Updates:

·         October 2013 newsletters

o   Copies are available outside the sanctuary for those who have not picked up already.

§  Online copy sent through email.

·         Bombay Missions contributions (that Stacy Varghese visited earlier this year)

o   If anyone else is interested in contributing, please let Stacy know by the end of this week.

§  Thanks to those who contributed or pledged.

o   The check needs to be made out to Sehion MTC and the amount will be counted as pass through contributions

Updates for this week:

·         Wednesday, Oct 2nd Edavaka Mission meeting at church @7:30 PM.

·         Friday, Oct 4th Fasting Prayer at the church @10:00 AM.

·         Saturday, Oct 5th English Choir Practice at the church @10:00 AM.

·         Saturday, Oct 5th Allen Area Prayer Meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Johnson Koshy @7:00 PM.

·         Sunday, October 6th Holy Communion Service in Malayalam led by Rev. Saji Thomas achen @10:00 AM (Garland area to read the lessons).

o   Sunday School @9:00 AM * Choir Practice @9:00 AM *Intercessory Prayer @9:30 AM.

·         Sunday, Oct 6th Committee Meeting at the church @right after service.

·         Sunday, October 6th Yuvajana Sakhyam Cottage Prayer Meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Abraham (Lalu) Mathew @2:00 PM.

·         Friday, October 11th to Sunday, October 13th, 2013 Regional Youth Conference for the Southwest Region at the Glen Lakes Retreat Center in Glen Rose, TX.

o   The theme will be REVOLUTION through Love, and the Keynote Speaker is Mr. Prijo Thomas from St. Andrews MTC in Yonkers, NY.

o   For more information and to register, go to:

·         Saturday, Oct 12th Malayalam Choir Practice at the church @10:00 AM.

·         Saturday, Oct 19th Garland Area Prayer Meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Mathew George @7:00 PM.

·         Saturday, Oct 26th Garland Area Prayer Meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Regi Oommen Varghese @7:00 PM.

·         Saturday, October 26th Sevika Sangham One Day Retreat at the church @9:30 AM.

·         Sunday, October 27th Family Sunday at the church.

o   Trustees will print envelopes and distribute the 2nd Sunday of October 2013.

·         Sunday, October 27th, Edavaka Mission Bake Sale at the church @right after service.

o   This will be to raise money for some requests that achen has received.

·         Sevika Sangham House Visits every Monday.

o   Those who are interested, please meet at the parsonage at 9.30 AM.

·         Sevika Sangham Bible Study & Prayer 4th Sunday of every month.

o   Right after service at the church.

·         Church’s Financial Update.

o   Please don't wait until Christmas or the end of the Year, our expenses are mostly monthly so please contribute your pledge either weekly or monthly for the remainder of the year, if you haven't already been doing so.


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