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Special News Updates:

·         2013 Caroling rounds started this weekend.

o   Thanks to all who were part of it yesterday and today, especially the members who opened their houses for us to visit.

§  Thanks also to all those who visited our house today to kick off the caroling rounds today.

·         Christmas tree and lighting.

o   Thanks to the youth fellowship and the advisors James and Rachel Mathai for putting up the Christmas tree and lighting it.

·         December 2013 Newsletters

o   Please pick up a copy in case you haven’t yet.

§  Copies are placed outside the sanctuary.

o   Online copy was sent through email already.

·         Congratulations to the following new leaders for 2014

o   Sevika Sangham

§  Vice President   - Mrs.Mariamma John

§  Secretary -           Mrs.Saramma Varkey (committee member)

§  Treasurar -           Mrs.Sherly Thomas

§  Auditor-               Mrs. Susamma Philip

o   Sunday School

§  Superintendent- Sunil Zachariah

§  Secretary - Annie Simon

§  Treasurer - Annie Varghese

o   Reminder to all the organizations to elect their 2014 representatives by Thanksgiving weekend.

·         Financial Contributions

o   Everyone is requested to contribute as much as you can in the remaining weeks of 2013.

·         Sevika Sangham penny collection

o   Please provide your contributions to the Sevika Sangham representatives by year end 2013.

·         Christmas Carol program on December 24, 2013

o   Starts at 6.30 pm

·         Christmas service on December 25, 2013

o   Holy Communion service will be held in English, starting at 8 AM

§  Trustees will organize Christmas breakfast, to be served after the service.

Updates for this week:

·         Sunday, December 1st Youth Fellowship Election of 2014 Office Bearers at the church @right after service.

·         Sunday, December 1st Caroling rounds start at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Reni Ninan @2:30 PM.

o   Lunch will be served @1:15 PM.

·         Wednesday, Dec 4th Edavaka Mission meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. K. A. Abraham (Plano) @7:30 PM.

·         Friday, Dec 6th Fasting Prayer at the church @10:00 AM.

·         Friday, December 6th Caroling rounds start at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. John Kochumman @6:00 PM.

·         Saturday, Dec 7th English Choir Practice at the church @10:30 AM.

·         Saturday, December 7th UCC at MGM auditorium @5:30 PM-9.30 PM.

o   English choir will represent the church in singing.

·         Sunday, December 8th Holy Communion Service in English led by Rev. Saji Thomas @10:00 AM (Murphy area to read the lessons).

o   Sunday School @9:00 AM * Choir Practice @9:00 AM *Intercessory Prayer @9:30 AM.

·         Sunday, December 8th Caroling rounds start at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Sam K. Thomas @2:30 PM.

o   Lunch will be served @1:15 PM.

·         Tuesday, Dec 24th, Christmas Carol service at the church @6:30 PM.

·         Sunday, Dec 25th Christmas Day Holy Communion Service in English led by Rev. Saji Thomas @8:00 AM (Garland area to read the lessons).

o   Breakfast will be served after the service.

·         Sunday, Dec 31st Watchnight Holy Communion Service in Malayalam led by Rev. Saji Thomas @10:00 PM (Sunnyvale area to read the lessons).

o   Watchnight service begins @10:00 PM.

o   Holy Communion service begins @12:00 AM.

·         Christmas Caroling song practice sessions

o   Every Saturday at the church @7:00 PM.

o   Please contact the convener, Manoj Kuruvilla for any questions or for additional info.

·         Malayalam Choir Practice Schedule

o   Saturday, Dec 14th 2 pm – 4 pm

o   Saturday, Dec 21st 1 pm – 3 pm Rehearsal & Family Christmas Dinner Hour @ Jacob's, 6411 Everglade Road, Dallas, TX 75227

·         Church’s Financial Update.

o   Please don't wait until Christmas or the end of the Year , our expenses are mostly monthly so please contribute your pledge either weekly or monthly for the remainder of the year, if you haven't already been doing so.

o   We needed about $180 / week from each family to meet the obligations till year end.

§  $75000 before year end.


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